Siemens Products

Siemens Built-In Built-In Refrigerator 321 Ltrs iQ700 (KI81FHD30I)

Siemens Built-In Combo Oven (HM876G2B6I)

Siemens Built-In Microwave IQ700 Series (BE732L1B1I)

Siemens Built In Oven iQ700 (HB634GBS1I)

Siemens 90 cm Wall Mounted Chimney Wall Mounted Series (LC97BCP50I)

Siemens 90 cm Wall Mounted Chimney Wall Mounted Series (LC98KLV60I)

Siemens 90 cm Island Chimney Island Hoods Series (LF91BUV50I)

Siemens 30 cm 1 Burner Hob iQ700 Series (ER3A6AD70I)

Siemens 90 cm 3 Burner Hob iQ300 Series (ER9MD331NX)

Siemens 60 cm 4 Burner Hob iQ500 Series (EC6A5HB90I)

Kannankandy E-Store: The largest Siemens Appliances dealers in Calicut 

As the largest electronic and home appliances retail dealers in Kerala, we are creating a ripple in the digital shopping arena with our all-encompassing digital store, Kannankandy eStore. Bringing in the best brands from all around the world to the households of Kerala, we are here to transform the efficiency and aesthetics of your homes and workspaces. We are one of the largest Siemens Appliances dealers in Calicut and Kerala, and Kannankandy is introducing a new line of high-end home appliances from Siemens

Siemens Appliances 

Siemens is a multinational technology conglomerate based in Germany known for its innovative technological advancements. Simultaneously offering products and services in many technological domains, home appliances from Siemens are chosen all over the world for their outstanding intuitive technology and extraordinary futuristic designs. Kannankandy is one of the largest Siemens Appliances dealers in Calicut, and our latest Siemens collection features home appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, built-in ovens, chimneys, and hobs.

The primary function of home appliances is to ease your workload at home and simplify tasks that require more time and energy. The cutting-edge technology featured in Siemens home appliances is innovative and intelligent, and paired with stunning and functional designs, they transform each kitchen and home into a visually stunning masterpiece. Siemens home appliances transcend functionality and reach for tomorrow with their innovative technologies that make each day easier than the last.

Smart sensors, readily installable and built-in models, creative designs that blend sleek modernity and classic design choices effectively, and extraordinary innovation have made Siemens one of the most reputed high-end home appliance brands across the continents. The innovative application of technology and the vision to redefine and simplify every day for you drive Siemens, and Kanankandy is introducing this inspiring, high-functioning brand to the Kerala market to transform your home into an extraordinary space.

Kannankandy’s latest home appliance collection

One of the few Siemens Appliances dealers in Calicut, Kannankandy, is constantly updating our brand catalogue and expanding the range of products and services we provide. Kannankandy’s latest home appliance collection features high-end appliances from top brands around the world. If you are in the process of building or renovating your home, explore our showrooms and e-store for designer and built-in electronics home appliances in Kerala.

The smooth shopping experience and customer service we offer in our retail stores and e-store ensure a seamless experience for you in your shopping endeavours. As the most prominent home appliance dealer in Kerala, we are focused on providing our customers with a wide door that they can open at any time and explore the mighty world of applied technology and appliances.