6 energy-efficient air conditioners in Kerala

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Though Kerala is God’s own Country, here you will see heavy rainfall and a cool climate only for a comparatively brief period. Most of the year, it is hot and humid and gets unbearable with summer advancing. To survive these scorching days, a lot of people are installing ACs in their homes and offices. This has been trending in recent years with the rising temperature in Kerala.

When you start looking for an AC, you will find many options that will leave you confused with each one sounding better than the other. But the things you need to consider before choosing one are your budget, room size, and technical specifications of the AC. Always Inverter ACs are better than non-inverter ACs when you are considering energy-efficient cooling. Then comes your room size. If it is up to 100 square feet, a 1-ton AC is sufficient. If the room size is less than 180 square feet, a 1.5-ton AC will do, and finally a 2-ton AC can cool up to 240 square feet of space.     

If you too are planning on installing one at your home or office, then here are the top 6 brands selling in Kerala.  


Blue Star

Blue Star is one of the most popular brands manufacturing ACs in India. They know the Indian climate better than anyone else in the market. At our Kannankandy Estore, you will find many options to choose from. We have a complete range of ACs from Blue Star with inverter technology, rated 3 stars and 5 stars, for better energy saving. You can find ACs with 1, 1.5 and 2 tons at our online store and select one according to your budget.

We also offer heavy discounts on the products. This means you can get the best deal at our Kannankandy Estore.      


Though it is a Japanese company, it has left its footprint in India through its dedicated subsidiary called Daikin Airconditioning India Private Limited (DAIPL). With its superior technology, it offers a wide range of air conditioning for homes and businesses with energy efficiency in mind. At our Estore, you will find the best of their product with 1-ton and 1.5-ton capacities, and all with a 3-star rating. The prices range from 35000 to 45000, all after a heavy discount.     


It has been in business for over 125 years in India. It has become the face of trust and sustainability and offers great products. Its ACs are no behind in the list of best in Kerala. With Godrej ACs, you will not only have a great product, but a piece of tradition in your personal space. Its products are tech-filled and energy-saving at the same time. You can choose one from our Estore and end up happy with its performance.    


It was in January of 2004 that Haier entered the Indian market and created waves with its products. They stand up to their brand philosophy of ‘inspired living’ through their best-in-class technology and innovation. At our Estore, you will find the finest collection of Haier Air Conditioners. You can make your selection here and be a happy customer with our Haier ACs at a discounted price.       


This is an American brand that has been in India for a long time. It specializes in durable electronics items and ACs are its forte. For someone looking for an AC from Kelvinator, the next best-selling in Kerala, we have numerous options at attractive price ranges. It is a trustworthy brand and offers value-for-money products.  


It is a Havells brand and is among the best in Kerala. Its ACs offer not only excellent air cooling along with fresh air circulation but also protect against indoor air pollution. We have an array of LLOYD ACs at great discounts that will fill your heart with joy and satisfaction of a great deal.

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