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Modern cooking has come a long way from cooking on a wood-fired hearth to preparing meals on a gas stove. Today, people are talking about induction cooktops and they have become a rage. 

Why the popularity?  

Induction cooktops are a type of stove that uses electromagnetic energy to heat pots and pans, rather than a traditional heating element or open flame. There are many benefits to using an induction cooker, including safety, convenience, and superior performance. Compared to electric or gas cooktops, an induction cooktop can achieve a wide range of temperatures and boil water much faster. An induction cooktop can help you to change your cooking experience by making your meal time easier with quicker heat, precise control, and easy clean-up. If you are considering updating your kitchen appliances, you can try to change your old gas stove for a new induction cooktop.  

We’ve outlined some key factors that you should consider when buying an induction cooktop.  

Energy efficiency: Induction cooktops are much more energy efficient than traditional electric stovetops. The heat is generated directly heat into the pot/pan rather than through the cooktop surface, less energy is required to cook your meals. So, an induction cooktop saves you money on your energy bills.  

Safe: Safety is one of the main advantages of induction cooking. It is much safer than gas stovetops because there will be no flames or risk of gas leaking. As soon as you turn off the heat, the pan cools down and there will be no cause of burn to your food. Induction cooktop also gives you the feature of auto cut-off and child safety.  

Easy to clean: Induction cooktops are easier to clean than gas tops, as there are no crevices or grates for food to get stuck in. If there comes a splatter or a spill of your food gets into the induction cooktop; you can just wipe it after the cooking is over.  

Temperature Control: Overcooking foods or burning them is a common situation with cooktop or stovetop cooking. Temperature control is a major problem. When using a gas stove, it can take quite some time for the temperature to rise to the desired level. You can adjust the temperature of an induction stove with precision, so you won’t have to worry about undercooking or overcooking.  

Speed: With an induction cooktop, you can cook your food quickly. It simply takes less time to cook food because the pan heats up more quickly. That’s because a gas cooktop has to pass the heat to the pan and also to the electric burner, but an induction cooktop generates heat directly into the pan  

Less space: An induction cooktop only takes less space and is very easy to maintain. It can go to places that you wish and gives you the option of a truly customized kitchen experience. It only requires a power source. Houses, offices and hostel rooms all can benefit from induction cooking and are a great choice for people who like to travel with their cookware.  

Timer: Induction cooktops come with menus that regulate the heat and set a timer. With one touch of a button, you can make any food you want. Manually selecting the options will also let you regulate the temperature and time. You can simplify and speed up your everyday cooking with this feature. You don’t have to stand near an induction cooker as you do with a gas stove. Once the timer expires, cooking will automatically stop. The result will be a reduction in power waste and the prevention of accidental fires.  

 It’s the future of COOKING  

An induction cooktop is a smart, safe, and satisfying choice for your cooking. Buying an induction cooktop is a crucial thing for every Indian household. In this blog, we have listed some important points that you can consider when buying the best induction cooktop for your home.

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