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If there is a technology that has skyrocketed like no other, it’s the advancements in smartphones. In an ever-evolving, ever-growing field of technology, Smartphones are not going to downturn anytime soon. Rather on an upward trajectory.

An essential day to day requirement, mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our lives. We may be able to think of a day without the Internet, but a day without a mobile phone is not going to be that easy. From making phone calls to social networking to taking photos to literally everything, today, smartphones can do everything a desktop computer does. As we talk about the role of smartphones and their uncompromising features, have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a smartphone in 2022? What would be the next-gen smartphones and their forthcoming features?

The integral part of every handset, the System on a Chip (SoC) is where your phone’s apps, games, photographs and more depend on. Any changes with this chip can revolutionize your next smartphone experience and here, let’s dive into all the wonders that are in store when it comes to a budget smartphone in 2022.

A race between MediaTek and Qualcomm

The Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek has taken 2021 in the hands with the release of the OnePlus Nord 2 with the Demensity 1200. MediaTek, for sure is going to give Qualcomm a race in the high-end smartphone market with Oppo’s latest statement of using a 5G-capable Dimensity 9000 chipset for its flagship Find X-series phones. Qualcomm has been the go-to chipmaker for some of the most powerful smartphones on the market for a long time. The slow but steady rise of Mediatek, as well as its ability to persuade big players like Xiaomi and Vivo to use its 4nm Dimensity 9000 processor in their future flagships, is significant. This not only puts pressure on Qualcomm, but it also marks a shift in how the Snapdragon processor range is discussed, which has become muddled over time and offers little meaningful benefit to suppliers or end users.

Superfast charging for super smartphones

For years, smartphone manufacturers have demonstrated ultra-fast charging technology. Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme, and Vivo have all exhibited ultra-fast charging technology capable of charging a phone in less than 20 minutes. In 2022, consumers will be able to try out super-fast charging methods in mainstream phones for the first time. Xiaomi, for example, has plans to release smartphones with cutting-edge fast-charging technology.

Smartphones with under-display selfie cameras

In 2022, under-display cameras are expected to improve, and more firms will release smartphones with this technology. Indeed, the Mi Mix 4 and ZTE Axon 30 were released late last year, indicating that this new technology is improving. Both phones took a different approach to the technology, but both marked a significant advance in image quality. Manufacturers will begin to use this technology in more mainstream phones this year, promoting the idea of bezel-free, all-screen smartphones.

Advanced gaming and graphics

We anticipate major advances in smartphone gaming performance every year, but 2022 could witness one of the most profound shifts in the industry’s history. The major news is that Samsung is using AMD graphics, which is a PC and console powerhouse. The AMD RDNA 2 graphics architecture will be used in Samsung’s next-generation Exynos SoC. That’s the same architecture seen in the latest Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and fancy AMD RX6000 series graphics cards, but scaled down for mobile devices.

Across a range of pricing ranges, mobile gaming could be set to experience a huge change. In this vein, Qualcomm has unveiled the Snapdragon G3x Gen 1, its first gaming-focused chipset. Unfortunately, the business has been tight-lipped about the chip’s specifications, but Razer has already released a developer kit. We’re hoping that, like everything else, this bears some nice fruit for mobile gaming in 2022.

Imaging super-smarts

The question that most buyers will be asking is whether next-generation smartphones will be able to shoot better photos. These days, brute processing power is highly overrated. Heterogeneous processing smarts are what truly make for an appealing, high-end modern mobile chip, or better termed imaging and AI intelligence.

Vivo and Xiaomi are pushing ahead with their own image signal processors (ISP) for high-end phones, and Google’s Tensor SoC includes the newest imaging smarts and delivers a slew of better imaging features that operate on its proprietary TPU. Similarly, MediaTek and Qualcomm are gradually incorporating machine learning capabilities into their camera chips.

More on the 5G front

In 2022, new and enhanced 5G components are expected to be found in smartphones. Qualcomm’s latest high-end Snapdragon X65 modem features better carrier aggregation for up to 10Gbps speeds, as well as compatibility for additional mmWave bands and PowerSave 2.0 for extended battery life. We’re also hopeful that additional previously high-end features will be made available at lower prices. For example, MediaTek plans to release its first mmWave chipset at a lower price range than its competitors.

Better Bluetooth audio

LE Audio is already supported in current chipsets, and it joins Bluetooth 5.3 on the Dimensity 9000. In comparison to the old SBC codec, LE Audio’s LC3 codec offers better sound quality and new listening experiences. So far, we haven’t seen much support in handsets and headphones, but Android 12 is scheduled to have compatibility, and more items should be on the way. Hopefully, LE Audio will be supported by a wider range of chipsets, both at higher and lower price points, and across manufacturers.

If you’re looking for high-end wireless audio equipment, 2022 chipsets and smartphones should be on your radar. We are well past the stage where we require additional processing power to browse social media and send text messages. We’re hoping for a lot more efficient gameplay, which should result in greater gaming time and better long-term performance. Improvements in camera and machine learning are equally significant since they enable new and fascinating use cases.

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