Best Gas Stove Under 6000 in India

Best Gas Stove Under 6000 in India Leave a comment

Are you planning to change your outdated gas stove? If so, you need to look at the range of reasonably priced gas stoves that are available in India.

Every Indian home needs a gas burner to have great cooking and a comfortable atmosphere. As time went on and technology advanced, the gas stove changed. Cooking has been simpler, quicker, and more effective due to the development of technology and the availability of numerous top gas stove brands.

Nowadays, gas stoves are readily available in a variety of brands and models to accommodate different kitchen sizes in India. It makes it simple for customers to locate the best gas stove that suits their needs. Kannankandy Estore is one of the best Home Appliances Dealers that brings you affordable Kitchen Appliances Online in Kerala.

Here’s the list of 3 gas stoves under ₹6000 in India:


This glass-bodied gas stove comes in an appealing black color that gives your kitchen a contemporary touch.

It is a manual model with two powerful brass burners with a sleek design that enables faster cooking. Since brass has high thermal efficiency, it ensures optimum heat retention when cooking. The brass burners of the appliance ensure even heat distribution, which helps with proper cooking processes.

The gas stove’s support legs guarantee stability and an efficient heating system. Duo gas stove spill trays are made of stainless steel, which reduces the likelihood of corrosion and requires little maintenance. It has a distinct benefit because of the toughened glass for durability and ease of cleaning.

This model comes with designed, unbreakable ABS knobs that offer resistance to heat; so you can regulate the knob while cooking without fear of getting heat. The extra thickness gas pipe with inner and outer coating avoids rust formation and facilitates easy gas flow.

Ultimately, this gas stove model with a flame retardant front panel comes with a rust-free pan stand, spill tray, brass burners, and a specially designed aluminium mixing tube with a brass jet and brass gas cock.


Preethi introduces the first gas stove glass top in India that has received ISI approval. The Preethi Zeal Glass-Top Gas stoves include ergonomically designed knobs for easy operation. The thermally toughened glass has a maximum leg height of 40 mm and a gas dimension of 740 x 360 mm.

This gas stove, which has Tri-pin burners with high efficiency and an elegant glass top, is perfect for medium-sized families. The use of heavy brass burners accelerates cooking. With the manual ignition, the three-burner glass top is having a spill-proof design. This model comes under the highest-performing gas range and is claimed to be rustproof. With an adequate space of 260 mm between burners, you may comfortably place three utensils or vessels on this manual gas stove which also minimises your cooking time.


Cooking becomes simple when your kitchen has butterfly glass top gas stoves. It makes it easier for you to efficiently prepare multiple dishes at once. Butterfly offers a classy gas stove with a durable, tempered glass top. It gives your kitchen more flair. It is perfect for various styles of houses due to its 360-degree rotating nozzle and user-friendly design.

The trio gas stove’s stainless steel spill trays ensure fewer chances of rusting and low maintenance; This special feature helps the regular cleaning and maintenance of the gas stove quite simple.

The appliance’s brass burners ensure even heat distribution, supporting optimal cooking operations. As brass has high thermal efficiency, it ensures optimum retention of heat while cooking. The burner’s sleek design gives your kitchen a modern twist while also allowing quick cooking. You don’t have to be concerned about your containers tipping over because the burner stands are made to be spill-proof.

For ease of use, the knobs are ergonomically made. Additionally, it is designed to prevent gas leaks so that you can cook safely and effectively. The gas stove’s support legs guarantee stability with a heat efficiency facility. The stove’s tiny size enables you to utilise your counter space to the fullest.

The gas stove is one of the most necessary appliances in an Indian kitchen. Whether you’re cooking a quick snack in the evening or a substantial family supper, a gas stove can assist you in making whatever you need. Using an affordable modern gas stove is advantageous for all of your Indian recipes.

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