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In any Indian kitchen, a mixer grinder is a need. It’s an appliance that makes our lives easier by helping us to grind and blend ingredients quickly and efficiently. While a mixer grinder is a durable appliance, it still needs to be maintained properly in order to prolong its lifespan. By following some simple tips, you can keep your appliance working like new for years to come. Let’s see some do’s and don’ts for maintaining your mixer grinder.

Do’s of the Mixer Grinder:

Rinse the blenders after every use

It is critical to thoroughly clean blenders after each use. Cleaning up all stains and leftover food particles will prevent junk and bad odors from entering the mixers. It can be cleaned with a water-vinegar solution, baking soda, lime, or mild dishwasher gels. However, do not rub the grinders vigorously; instead, gently rub them. Wipe the water down after the procedure to avoid electric shocks.


After using the grinding machine, make sure to turn off the switch and unplug it. Allow the grinder to come to a complete stop to check if the ingredients have blended properly.

Grease those blades

If you think you always keep your jar upside down after rinsing and your blades still get damaged very quickly, this is for you. Even if the jar is kept upside down, tiny droplets of water may adhere to the bushes, causing them to deteriorate over time. To keep the bushes from rusting too quickly, have the machinery greased on a regular basis. This not only extends the life of the jars but also helps to reduce the noise produced by the rusted blades. As a result, the motor’s life is automatically extended.

Proper fitting of jars

Most people do not pay close attention to whether the jar fits correctly on the machine before turning it on. This may have an effect on the jar’s blades, contributing to the unit’s malfunction. As a result, it is necessary to position the blades correctly.

Keep the appliance on a flat surface

If you don’t have a specific area for your mixer grinder, make sure you set it down on a flat surface and level the device. Before utilizing an appliance that is shaking, level it properly.

Don’ts of the Mixer Grinder


This will require some common sense! If you pour 200 mL of liquid into a 100 mL glass, you will spill half of it. Similarly, if you overload the jar beyond its capacity, the material will spill out and end up all over the machinery. You should avoid overfilling the jars beyond their specified capacity if you don’t want to make a mess all over the place.

Refrigerating the mixture in the jar

Carelessness in transferring the material from the jar to another container before putting it in the fridge can be detrimental to our mixer. Keeping the grinder in the fridge with the material inside it can cause the material to stick to the blades and other parts of the jar, resulting in a blockage. It not only causes the blades to rotate unevenly, but it also puts strain on the motor.

Excess heating

Overheating can occur if the blender is not used correctly. It will destroy the machine and have an effect on the nutritional quality of the food. Make sure these appliances are turned off at regular intervals and never left on for more than 30-40 seconds at a time.

Adding ingredients while it’s operating

Bring the grinder to a complete halt or turn off the unit before adding additional ingredients to the mixture. If you do not, it may result in leaks or injuries to your body.

Do not pour hot liquids into the jars

But be careful not to fill the jars with hot substances. The lid could blow off due to hot liquids or steam, which would ruin the kitchen. In addition, if the components are overly hot, you could get burned.

Besides the above tips, do keep in mind the following:

● Make sure to read the user manual before using the mixer grinder.

● Always use fresh ingredients and never over-grind them.

● Make sure to store the mixer grinder in a cool, dry place.

Final Words…

While purchasing the most dependable mixer grinder for your home is a good choice, it is equally important that you take good care of it. Always use the accessories recommended by the manufacturer to get the best performance. Local brands may not fit properly, causing damage to your mixer grinders.

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