How To Setup Your Home Theatre

How To Set Up Your Home Theatre? Leave a comment

A home theatre brings the cinema experience home. Home theatres are no longer an extravagance for the elite. Thanks to more affordable technology, many homes are enjoying a true theatre experience within the comforts of their space.

However, for many, the very thought of setting up a theatre can be horrifying! Remember, a home movie is not just a sofa and screen in a room. With a huge range of products, a dizzying array of technical stuff, and an endless line of aesthetic options, the job is not easy. It’s good to know that the extent, combinations, and connection options vary depending on how many and what kind of components you want to use as well as the size of your room, lighting and acoustic properties.

We are here to make your home cinema setting a stress-free affair with a set of guidelines. But don’t feel like you will have to blow a small fortune right away. Each of these components can definitely make a huge difference to the sound and audio quality in your home. Below you will find a guide to the type of tech you require to set up your own home theatre.

What do we need to set up a home theatre?

At the core of every home theatre setup is the desire to recreate the cinematic experience in your home. And while you can recreate everything right from the smell of the popcorn to the velvet upholstered seating, the essential pieces are far from basic.

The first step is of course knowing what things we need to set up our dream home theatre. You will need a display, sound and media. Everything else will build upon this foundation. You will need a larger than average screen, you will require more immersive sound than the built-in speakers of the TV and then you will need an option to play the movies with the right resolution. Buy TV Online in Kerala from the Kannankandy E-store at budget-friendly rates.

Following are some things you need to consider:

  • Home theatre receiver (AV or surround sound receiver)
  • TV or video projector
  • Antenna, cable or satellite box (Optional)
  • Disc player compatible with any of the following- Ultra HD Disc, Blu-ray Disc, DVD or CD
  • DVD recorder, DVD recorder or VCR combo, or VCR
  • Loudspeakers
  • Media Streamer (Optional)
  • Subwoofer
  • Connection cables and speaker wire
  • Wire striper for speaker wire
  • Label printer (Optional)
  • Sound meter (Optional)

Connecting your Home Theatre System

Connecting your home theatre components is the second step in the process. Source components like cable boxes, media streamers, and Blu-ray players are the beginning points while TV and loudspeakers are the endpoints.

You need to get the audio and video signals from the source components to the sound system and video display respectively. A basic setup may include a TV, AV receiver, Blu-ray or DVD player and media streamer. You may also require at least 5 speakers and a subwoofer for 5.1 surround sound. With the developments in audio and TV technology, it’s possible to create a home cinema setup that can rival the real thing. You can get the best sound from your home theatre by finding an optimum spot for the speakers.

Home Theatre Setup Tips

Following are some tips to make your setup easier-

  • Read the owner’s manual and illustrations, paying close attention to the connection and setting options.
  • Have the right audio, video and speaker cables of the correct lengths.
  • One of the best things you can do is to properly arrange the seating. Whether it’s a comfy couch, a beanbag chair or more premium home theatre seating, you will benefit more from proper placement than spending a lot.
  • If your setup is overwhelming, don’t hesitate to pay someone ( an installer who subcontracts with your dealer) to set it up for you.

Now you can bring the joy and magic of the movies to your living with your own home theatre setup. With the above components, you can easily recreate a basic home theatre setup with a big screen and surround sound for less than you spend on some premium TVs. Shop for Electronic Home Appliances in Kerala from the Kannankandy E-store at the best deals.

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