Guidelines for Maintenance & Care of Chimney

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A kitchen is the beating heart of a home, and modern kitchens today have embraced technology that enhances their efficiency, beauty, and hygiene. The kitchen chimney is one of the essential appliances that keeps a modern kitchen clean and beautiful.

A few decades ago, smoke-filled kitchens and greasy walls might have been quite common, but today that is not the case, and kitchen chimneys play a big role in keeping modern kitchens hygienic, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing like the rest of your home. However, maintaining chimney safety might be a new task for many of us, so this article will be your guide on how to maintain and care for your chimney and keep your kitchen safe and sound.

Kitchen Chimney

Before we dive into chimney safety and maintenance tips, let’s discuss what exactly a chimney is and what it does in the kitchen. A chimney is an appliance that removes smoke, greasy particles, odours, and fumes that occur in the kitchen while we cook. There are many types of kitchen chimneys, such as island chimneys, ductless chimneys, ducted chimneys, built-in chimneys, and wall-mounted chimneys. They are all installed and operated in different ways, but they all perform the same functions.

A ducted chimney removes smoke and odours to the outside through a duct that is connected to the chimney, whereas a ductless chimney uses purifying filters that filter the smoke and grease and recirculate the purified air back to the kitchen. Wall-mounted chimneys are stylish chimneys that are installed on the wall directly above the cooking range; island chimneys are pretty much the same, but they are designed for cooking areas that are not attached to a wall. Built chimneys, as the name suggests, are built in seamlessly, offering a minimalistic, space-saving solution for smoke removal and ventilation.

Smoke, odour, and grease removal: Before we discuss chimney safety and maintenance tips, we need to learn the main functions of a chimney, right?! Cooking produces smoke, odour, and grease particles that discolour the walls and ruin the general air quality of the kitchen. A chimney filters and removes these pollutants, improving the air quality in your kitchen.

Hygiene: A kitchen without a chimney may get dirty with the accumulation of smoke and grease; it can ruin the aesthetics and beauty of your kitchen, while a chimney aids in keeping your kitchen clean and pretty while also reducing the frequent need for cleaning.

Chimney safety: Kitchen and fire are inseparable, but another major benefit of having a chimney in your kitchen is its ability to reduce the risk of fire hazards. When a kitchen is filled with smoke, grease, and other combustible materials, the risk of a fire is high. A chimney keeps your kitchen safe and reduces this risk by removing these materials.

Maintenance and safety tips for your chimney

Now that we have discussed the functions, benefits, and types of kitchen chimneys, it is time to dive into safety and maintenance tips that will help you keep your kitchen and chimney in good condition.

Regular cleaning: Chimneys reduce the amount of cleaning effort we have to put in to keep our kitchen clean substantially. So one thing we do to ensure the optimal performance of your chimney is regular cleaning. Use the user manual of your chimney or the advice of an expert to properly clean your chimney; it will not only maintain the performance of the appliance but also add to the aesthetic value of your kitchen.  

Scan the duct: If your home has a ducted chimney, it is important to regularly examine the duct and clean it in case there is some kind of buildup or blockage. Regular examination and cleaning of the duct improves the chimney safety, effectiveness, and air circulation within the kitchen.

Filters: Most of the chimney types we have available on the market have filters that help remove different pollutants and panels. Removing these parts from time to time and cleaning them thoroughly will keep your chimney efficient and safe for a very long time. If your home has a ductless chimney that uses activated charcoal filters to purify the air, the filter should be replaced at regular intervals to ensure that the air purification process is efficient. Installing a poisonous gas detector (such as a carbon monoxide) is another extra safety measure you can adopt to ensure the air quality inside your home.

Professional help: Administrating professional servicing at least once a year is another sure-shot way to ensure chimney safety. Issues that we might not notice in our general cleaning process might get noticed from a professional point of view. Apart from that, yearly servicing will also enhance the efficiency of your chimney.

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