• Portable Vacuum Cleaner
  • Blower Function: 1800 Litres/Minutes
  • Ideal For: Home/Office
  • Dust Full Indicator
  • 2.5 Litres Dust Tank, Suction Power: 23 KPA ( 230 cm of WC)
  • 12 Months Warranty

Sale Price: 10,500.00



Featuring a robust 1600W motor, the EUREKA FORBES Stellar Dry Vacuum Cleaner boasts powerful suction capabilities. With this motor, this vacuum cleaner offers deep cleaning that effortlessly picks up both wet spills and deeply embedded dry dust. Thus, it reaches deep into your carpets and floors, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience that leaves your home spotless.

LED Vario Power

Owing to its adjustable power control system, this vacuum cleaner provides complete control over the cleaning process. This LED vario power function allows you to tailor this unit’s power output to your specific cleaning requirements. So, you can lower the power for delicate surfaces or increase it to tackle tough dirt and grime.

Auto Cord Winder

With the convenience of the auto cord winder, this dry vacuum cleaner offers the utmost safety. So, no more tripping over tangled cords or worrying about cord damage. At the push of a button, the excess cord is efficiently wound up, ensuring a tidy workspace and preventing accidents. It’s a simple yet effective feature that enhances your overall cleaning experience.

Large Dust Bag

Designed with continuous cleaning in mind, this dry vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a 2.5L dust bag. This sizeable dust bag ensures uninterrupted cleaning sessions, saving you the hassle of frequent bag changes. So, when the bag is full, it’s easy to empty, allowing you to quickly dispose of the collected dust and get back to cleaning without any interruptions.

Powerful Blower

Powered by a heavy-duty blower, this vacuum cleaner can help blow away dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas, such as window channels and sofa corners. Also, the powerful blower function makes your cleaning tasks efficient, ensuring that no dust or dirt goes unnoticed.

Dust Bag Indicator

Thanks to its intuitive dust bag indicator, this vacuum cleaner is user-friendly. It keeps you informed about the bag’s status, so you know precisely when it’s time for a replacement.

360-Degree Swivel Wheels

With 360-degree swivel wheels, this vacuum cleaner ensures easy handling, stability, and enhanced mobility while you clean. Hence, whether you need to navigate around furniture or reach tight corners, these wheels make it a breeze. Moreover, this vacuum cleaner effortlessly glides across your floors, simplifying the entire cleaning process.

Twin Parking Position

This vacuum cleaner’s clever design includes a twin parking position, making storage a breeze. So, when you need to take a break from your cleaning tasks, you can simply park this unit conveniently.

Various Accessories

Integrated with a comprehensive set of 13 accessories, this vacuum cleaner offers high efficiency and versatility. These accessories cater to various cleaning needs, from upholstery to crevices and more. Therefore, they make cleaning effortless, ensuring no spot in your home is left untouched.

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