TOSHIBA 439 L 2 Star Frost Free Inverter Air Fall Cooling Double Door (GR-RT559WE-PMI(37), Satin Grey)

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Satin Grey

AirFall Colling

Cooling Zone

The simple & elegant Satin Grey door panel surface makes your home European style. Delicately shiny and easy to clean

Airfall cooling ensures there is Natural Encircle Air Flow as there are air outlets under the cooling zone in the fridge, which can cool the food items of the door bins, at the same time, when the food on the shelf blocks the back air outlets, the air-flow of Airfall Cooling will increase, which maintains the stable circulation of the cold air in the refrigerator compartments so as to make even and stable internal temperature, through out the refrigerator ensuring food remains fresh for longer.

Cooling Zone is more suitable for storing dairy items and Non vegetarian food , which can be achieved at low temperature (-1 ° ~ 1 °C) to keep it fresh and not frozen , which also avoids Nutrition loss & so items can be cooked directly when taken out from the refrigerator

Electronic Control

Humidity Control

Japanese Weave Design

Convenient Temperature Control One-key Electronic temperature control achieves convenient touch temperature setting and precise temperature control . Super Cool function ensures rapid cooling in a short time.

Two levels of adjustment in the Vegetable Box makes the Humidity Control range up to 60% ~ 80% , to customize storage space for food that helps Lock food moisture leading to Prolong preservation time

The design is inspired by traditional Japanese weave patterns. Constructed with cutting-edge diamond cutting technology that protects interior surfaces from scratches.

Three/double LED

Utility Box

Adjustable Door rack

Focus on detailed design, wide irradiation range, you can clearly see the fresh food in the refrigerator.

The utility box provides efficient and independent cosmetics storage space that satisfies the storage of large bottles of cosmetics.

By Changing or removing the position of the door racks, it can flexibly store big and small items according to your needs.

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