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Ever opened your fridge to find a messy disaster of spilled leftovers and disorganised chaos? It’s frustrating, right? But here’s the good news. You can escape the mess by learning how to store and clean properly.  Spare a moment to sort and clean your fridge, preventing extra mess. Let’s explore why these routines matter and how they can make your fridge a happier place. Also, pick up some smart storage tips

Maximising Freshness and Efficiency: Fridge Storage Tips

  • Effective Packaging – Use airtight containers to keep your food fresh and stop any mixing of flavours. If you want to make sure your food tastes just right and doesn’t smell strange, go for glass containers.
  • Lift up fruits and vegetables off a surface – Put your fruits and veggies in containers or on crisper trays. Lifting them up like this lets air move around, which stops extra wetness and keeps them fresh for a longer time.
  • Use Fridge Liners – Try using fridge liners to help keep things clean: Just place these sheets on your shelves. They catch spills and messes, which makes cleaning up easier. Plus, they stop liquids from getting into your other food, so everything stays fresh.
  • Stick to using up the items in an order – Make it a habit to use up older items before you dive into the newer ones. It helps you cut down on unnecessary food wastage. By sticking to this practice, you’re ensuring that nothing gets forgotten and that you’re getting the most out of your food supplies.
  • Store Raw Meats Safely – Put them in containers that are tightly closed, or you can use trays too. This stops the liquid from the meat from falling onto other foods and making a mess. It’s a good idea to keep these raw meats on the bottom shelf of your fridge so that they don’t touch other stuff and spread any germs around.
  • Utilise Door Shelves Wisely – The door is the warmest part of the fridge. When you’re using the shelves on the fridge door, be smart about it. Put things that can stay good for a while, like condiments, drinks, and jams, in that spot. This way, you’re getting the most out of that space and keeping those things in good shape.
  • Consider Egg Storage – Leave them in the carton they were in at the store. Those cartons are like shields that protect them. They also stop any strange smells in the fridge from getting inside the eggs. Doing this small thing makes sure your eggs stay fresh and taste like they should.
  • Label your containers – Create a convenient system by labelling your different masalas. By adding clear labels that mention the names and perhaps even the purchase dates, you’re making it easier to identify them and use them appropriately. This organised approach ensures that you’re aware of what masalas you have on hand and can make the most of their flavours and aromas in your cooking.
  • Keep Delicate Items Safe – Practice wrapping delicate food items, like in wax paper to prevent them from getting crushed or absorbing odours. This serves a dual purpose: not only does it shield the food from the risk of getting squashed or damaged, but it also acts as a barrier that prevents any unwanted odours from being absorbed.
  • Maximise Freezer Space – Use bags or containers that are designed to be used in the freezer. These are great for keeping things like frozen fruits, veggies, and leftovers. To make sure everything stays in good condition, try to take out as much air as you can from these bags or containers. This little step goes a long way in stopping freezer burn and keeping your frozen foods tasting their best.
  • Temperature Zones – Familiarise yourself with the different temperature zones within your refrigerator. For instance, consider placing dairy products and eggs in the coldest section to ensure their freshness. When it comes to vegetables, you’ll want to utilise the high-humidity drawer, which helps maintain their crispness and hydration. As for fruits, the low-humidity drawer is an ideal spot since it assists in preserving their texture and flavour. By making choices based on these distinct zones, you’re setting yourself up for efficient and effective food storage.

A well-organised fridge isn’t just important for your kitchen; it’s a way to make eating better and more eco-friendly. But do not forget to keep your refrigerator clean. Here’s how to keep your fridge clean and fresh easily:

  • First, be careful not to put messy food or old fruits and veggies inside to avoid spills. If you come across items that are no longer fresh or suitable to eat, simply dispose of them.
  • For cleaning, use a mix of baking soda and water to wipe off sticky stuff from lids, jars, and bottles. Remember to dry them well before putting them back. To make things easier, clean things as you use them for cooking or making meals.
  • Once a week, take a look in your fridge and throw away things that have gone bad or are leftovers from a while ago. Check the dates on dairy and sauces, and if they’re old, get rid of them. Doing this will stop bad smells and messes from coming back into your clean fridge.

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