Things to consider before buying refrigerator online

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A refrigerator is a long term appliance for your home and not something that you replace every couple of years. Before buying a new refrigerator, always consider factors like form-factor, size, capacity, cooling technology, energy efficiency and more. Choose a model that suits your household needs the best. Also if you are planning to buy online, pay close attention to the details of the product.

Here are some things to consider before buying refrigerator online-

  • Decide where you are likely to place the refrigerator-

Before you buy a new refrigerator, decide where you are likely to place it. It`s important to have a clear idea about the available space, head- room and three pin sockets before hitting the shop button. You can always read the measurements of the refrigerator of your choice and check if it fits in your available space.

Considering the available space, decide the fridge you would like to buy. Note that there should be enough space to open the doors of the refrigerator.

  • Plan your budget and the kind of refrigerator you want to buy-

There are lot of refrigerators in the market for you to choose depending on form factors like single door, double door, side-by-side, and even mini refrigerators. A rough price estimate of these different kinds will let you have a clear picture on which to buy based on your needs and budget-

  • Mini fridge-    up to Rs 8k
  • Single Door-   Rs 11k- Rs 20k
  • Double Door- Rs 20k to Rs 35k
  • Side by Side-  Rs 40k to Rs 1,50k

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  • Choose the capacity of refrigerator considering the family size-

Buy fridge online in Kerala keeping your family size in mind. The capacity of a refrigerator is measured in litres. Ensure that you do not opt for a model that offers less than 150 litres of fresh food storage capacity. Before choosing your refrigerator, measure the ratio between fresh food and freezer storage space.

The fresh food storage space depending on different family size is as follows-

  • Up to 2 family members- Fresh food capacity min 150 litres
  • Up to 3 family members- Fresh food capacity min 180 litres
  • 4 and above family members- Fresh food capacity min 300 litres
  • 6 and above-  fresh food capacity min 400 litres
  • Buy mini fridge only for limited purpose

Even if you are planning to buy fridge for just one person, avoid buying a mini fridge for day to day usage. Instead, opt for a single door of 160 litres by paying a bit more as it would offer more value.  A Mini fridge can be used only for keeping medicines and soft drinks and not utensils.

  • Choose a stabiliser for your Refrigerator

Planning to buy a high capacity fridge above 200 litres? It’s best to opt for a stabiliser along with your purchase, as it helps in dealing with frequent power cuts.

  • Consider the colour, design and finish of the refrigerator-

If you are looking to buy a stainless steel fridge, note that it will attract fingerprints and you will have to clean frequently. Similarly, some plastic models attract scratches and dirt. Also floral patterns or other design of the fridge goes well with your room.

  • Frost-free / direct cool refrigerators?

If you are opting for a budget-friendly refrigerator, then a direct cool refrigerator is your best bet. Frost free models are a bit expensive and offer better cooling while keeping food fresh for a longer duration. Direct cool models require cleaning of ice frequently and are meant for lower capacity models.

  • Digital inverter vs. smart connect inverter- which is best?

Refrigerators with digital inverter technology adjusts the speed of the fan depending on the cooling needs. These refrigerators saves power, makes less noise, and lasts longer. Smart connect inverter is a technology that helps in keeping food cold and fresh during power cuts.

  • Check the BEE star rating before buying new fridge-

EEE ratings are given to appliances to see how energy efficient they are. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient they will be. If you are buying a low capacity refrigerator, BEE star rating doesn’t affect your electricity bill by a large margin.  Whereas if you are planning to buy a high capacity refrigerator, opt for one with 3 star rating.

  • Consider storage features for bottles, vegetables and more-

Ensure that there are enough storage racks available preferably for vegetables, bottles, and more, and also check their quality.

Here are the detailed explanation of all the things to consider before buying a new refrigerator. And you can rest assured that you will be getting just that. Refrigerators these days do so much more than just keep our food fresh and it`s important to clearly understand all these factors before buying yours. Kannankandy Estore lets you buy refrigerators online at the best prices in town. Visit kannankandyestore today to buy home appliances Kerala.

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