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A refrigerator these days is so much more than just keeping food fresh. Before making a decision on buying a refrigerator online, it is essential to consider the seemingly endless options, types, sizes, and configurations and then select the one most suited for you and your family


A refrigerator is available in so many different capacities. In order to decide your requirement, the key factor to be considered is your family size. This is what determines how much food you will be keeping in your fridge. Even if you do not have a large family, you might require a higher capacity refrigerator. So, give importance to your requirements.

A 150-250 litre refrigerator should be good enough, for people staying alone or for a couple with one child. If the family consists of four to five people, a 250 to 500 litre one would be ideal. But if the family has four persons with two adults and two children, a 250 to 350 litre refrigerator should suffice. A 550 to 850 litre capacity would be required for large families.


You must know the size of the refrigerator before ordering so as to ensure it will fit in the space available. Sometimes carrying the fridge inside can also pose a problem due to the shortage of space in a staircase or elevator. Extra space needs to be provided on all sides for proper ventilation and also for opening the doors freely. The slope of the floor should be aligned in a way that helps the door to get shut on its own freely.

Your family size and other requirements may also influence the size of your refrigerator. For a family of four or more, a large door is required but it would mean higher energy consumption. So, a balance needs to be maintained between your requirement and the size.


Since buying a new refrigerator is a long-term investment, the budget needs to be taken into consideration for deciding on the right refrigerator for you. A lot of choices are available when it comes to form factors. To start with, you must have an estimate of how much you want to spend. A basic single door fridge comes in a price range of Rs 11,000 to Rs 20,000, while a double door refrigerator can cost in the range of Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000. The side-by-side options are worth Rs 40,000 to Rs 1,50,000.

Defrosting: Direct cool vs Frost free

Cool air circulation inside refrigerators is of two types: direct cool and frost free. In the direct cool option, the circulation is handled through natural convection, without any external help and this method is meant for lower capacity models. However, this method has a major disadvantage. Ice forms in the refrigerator due to uneven distribution and hence you will have to clean the ice occasionally. The advantages are that these refrigerators are economical and consume less electricity.

Stabilizer to safeguard from voltage fluctuations

A voltage stabilizer is a must for a refrigerator to tackle the voltage fluctuations due to variable power supply in households. It provides a stable supply and protects your refrigerator from such highs and lows in voltages.

Finishing, colour, and design of the fridge

A fridge with a stainless steel finish can attract fingerprints and will have to be cleaned often. If the body of the fridge is made of plastic, dirt and scratches can be caused. If it has a floral design, make sure it goes well with your kitchen or room. A burgundy colour model with a basic pattern design looks cleaner for a longer time.

Additional Features

Before making a decision, figure out what internal components you need for your refrigerator. Automatic ice maker, fast freezing, adjustable shelves are some additional features that can cost more.

Grades and Reviews

When you are flooded with choices, it might be difficult to decide. Real reviews from satisfied customers can give you an idea about the quality of the refrigerator. It helps in a big way in your buying decision.


Buy a refrigerator of a reputed brand so that quality, as well as good customer service, is guaranteed.

Energy Ratings

Purchase energy-efficient refrigerators. They might cost more in the beginning, but will help save money in the long run.

Star-rating signifies energy efficiency. Higher the star rating, more is the energy efficiency. For high capacity models, you must go for a model with a 3-star rating EER (Energy Efficiency Rating). You must look for the blue and green coloured Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) symbol to ensure the authenticity of the EER tag.

Digital Inverter Technology vs Smart Connect Inverter

Digital Inverter technology adjusts the speed of the fan automatically based on the cooling demand, which helps save power, reduces noise, and makes the fridge last longer. The smart connect inverter technology helps in keeping food cold and fresh during power cuts.

Brand Warranty

Opt for a brand that offers an extra warranty on the fridge. It might not be free of cost but the extended warranty is worth the additional cost. A longer warranty provides you extra protection for the future.

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