Tips To Maintain Smart TV For A Longer Lifespan

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We in today’s generation are blessed to have some innovative appliances that take our entertainment experience to the next level. One among them is Smart TVs, which have become an inseparable part of our daily lives, as everything we do on a smartphone can be done on a Smart TV. And for binge-watchers, Smart TVs are nothing less than a treasure.

When you spend a hefty amount for a Smart TV, it is natural that you would want it to last long and perform well during its lifespan.

Here are some ways by which you can improve the lifespan of your Smart TV.

Ensure there is adequate ventilation

A Smart TV has all the parts that computers have, as it is a computer optimised for streaming. So if the ventilation system around the Smart TV is not working properly, then there are chances that the components get overheated and wear down.

While mounting, take care that there is enough space between the wall and the TV. There should also be adequate space all around the TV to allow free airflow.

It would be better to keep your Smart TV in a well-aired room with regularly opened windows and a functional air-conditioning system.

Switch off and unplug the TV when not in use

LED Smart TVs can stay on for longer periods without needing regular replacements. However, if you regularly switch off your TV, it will add to its lifespan. The Smart TV components will get some rest. Capacitors, motherboards, internal fans, and other parts which are prone to heating up get some time to cool off before your next watching session. Therefore, it is better to use your Smart TV only when you want to watch it. Avoid playing it in the background while you are doing some other task.

Though the standby efficiency of Smart TVs has been greatly enhanced by the manufacturers, leaving your TV on standby still consumes energy and works some key components even when you think everything is off. So, when not in use, unplug the power cables from the power outlets.

Turn down brightness

The Smart TV display is made attractive and eye-catching by the LED backlights. TV screens are designed with settings that can work in very bright rooms as well as very dark rooms and everything in between.

By adjusting your Smart TV’s screen brightness, you can increase the lifespan of the LED backlights considerably. You can adjust for home viewing.

Don’t leave on pause

Smart TVs give you the option to pause when you need a break while watching on-demand content. If you leave your Smart TV on pause for too long, it can damage the pixels of your screen. A situation referred to as screen burn-in is caused when you see a permanent ghost image in the background of the main image.

Recent OLED models do have advanced technology that prevents this effect, but you should not take risks.

Wall-mount your TV

A wall-mounted Smart TV is good as it not only enhances your viewing experience but can also potentially save your TV from loss and damage. Fallen reflectors (lenses) inside the LCD panels are one of the leading causes of white spots or dots on the screen. They fall mainly due to heat, low-quality parts, or excessive movement.

View in energy-saving mode

Watch your Smart TV in energy-saving mode, especially during daylight hours. This minimizes the energy used, thereby slowing down the normal wear and tear of parts.

Always keep your TV dust-free

Keeping your Smart TV dust-free can protect it from overheating. Dust buildup can harm the components inside which will eventually affect the lifespan of your TV. And permanent marks are left on the screen if the dust settles for a long time distorting the viewing experience.

Do not place the TV too close to the floor. Shield it from the direct wind coming from outside. You must clean your TV periodically using a microfibre cloth to avoid scratches. You can seek expert help in cleaning the inside of the TV.

Use lower contrast settings

The clear picture quality of Smart TVs is mainly due to high colour contrast.

It is the LED lamps behind the screen that make it possible for us to identify images and enjoy the clear videos. Yet, the lifetime of the LED lights can be prolonged by using them in a lower contrast setting.

Over time, the strength of LED lights fades and the colour gradually becomes more blurred. By using lower contrast the onset of screen blurring can be delayed and lifespan can be increased.

Use a voltage stabilizer

There are chances of voltage fluctuation during a power outage or storms and extreme weather conditions. The voltage also tends to fluctuate even when the power source is stable, due to the use of other electrical and electronic gadgets. The TV’s processes can be disrupted by these sudden fluctuations, causing damage to the board, and affecting the lifespan of the Smart TV. So you must use a voltage stabilizer to manage the voltage fluctuations effectively

Do not sideload apps

With most current Smart TVs, you do not need to sideload apps. Almost all apps you want for streaming are available in TV app stores. Or there are alternatives you can use on your smartphone and mirror or cast to the TV screen.

When you sideload apps there is the risk of downloading malware to your TV’s processor.

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