Top 6 Mobile Brands in Kerala

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Mobile phones have become the most sought gadget in the market. Smartphones have become the window to the world. Our virtual existence is completely dependent on it. We have become inseparable from these smartphones. With this small yet complex device in hand, we can be omnipresent. It has given access to a lot of information that is conducive to a faster evolution of the human race. It has brought everything to the distance of a click. It is a source of unlimited power and has brought the world under one roof.

Mobiles are manufactured by many companies leaving us baffled. Each company comes out with many features that are making waves. They all have their unique signatures and styles that are developed through their R&D. Finding the right device has always been confusing. It is always best to know the market leaders first and then their products.

If you are looking to Buy Smartphones Online in Kerala, we have the solution. First, empower you with the knowledge and then help you make an informed decision.

There are no winners, yet the top 6 in Kerala and India as a whole are listed in this blog.


It is one of the giants that has managed to market itself as an elite. Its high quality has attracted the rich and the tech-savvy. It has its own customers and doesn’t need to compete much. In 2021 it released the iPhone-13 which came with 1 TB of storage and 12 megapixel camera. The latest in the series is iPhone 15 Pro. It is definitely a head-turner and is also priced high. Only the affluent can afford it. But we, at our Kannankandy Estore have it for the enthusiasts with an attractive discount. We also have iPads at our Estore on sale. This is the best time for you to grab that deal.


Samsung is a South Korean company. It is the market leader with its wide price range and excellent quality phones that have superb display and camera quality. The battery backup is also unmatched. It starts from 1500/- and goes up to 150000/-, which means it is available for all and has the best quality within the affordable range. It uses Android OS and has a wide variety of functions. The best selling these days is the Samsung Galaxy series. It is all available at our Estore at an attractive price range. The earlier you visit us the better the deal gets.


Oppo has an 11% market share.  This brand introduced AI-enhanced tech cameras and facial recognition tech in mid range smartphones. The phones are equipped with high-end specifications. The Oppo Phones fall in the price range of  6999/- and 134999/-. At our store, there are models like A57, A58, A77, A78, F21 Pro 5G, F21S Pro, and Reno 8T 5G are available.   


This brand hails from China and holds a 16% market share in India. With its great camera, RAM, GPU, and excellent storage, offered in the mid-price range, it is in its own league. It introduced the first pop-up front camera, detachable camera, and an in-display fingerprint sensor, that has attracted many customers from India. It is also excellent for Gaming with its large RAM and internal store. At our store, you will find popular models of Vivo like V27 5G, Y15s, Y22, Y35, Y75 etc. at an attractive price range.


It is the next best brand. It has a 12% share in the Indian market. It is known for its affordable smartphones. It owns both Oppo and Vivo, the other two market giants. That means, it again is China-made, and on the whole, makes the parent company BBK Electronics of China the true market leader. Its phones range from 6699/- to 42999/- and are targeting the common man in India.

At our store, the best-selling model is the REALME C35, which comes at an attractive price after the discount.


This is yet another mobile brand that has a considerable share in the Indian Market. Its mobile phones are comparatively cheap. It offers high-end and spec-oriented phones at a cheap price and that is its USP. At our store, you will find models like Redmi 10 Power, Redmi 10A, and Redmi Note 11 Pro. Like other brands, they are also offered with an attractive discount.

This list is not based on any ranking but random, yet they are the top-selling brands in Kerala.  

We at Kannankaandy Enterprises, want you to have a great experience while shopping, and to make you happier we have added great discounts on our products when you buy mobiles online in Kerala.

We offer only genuine quality products. Our mission is to simplify your life with all those electronics and home appliances you may need.

We believe in building a relationship based on trust.

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