Top Washing Machine Models For This Monsoon

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Are you the one who is dwelling in Kerala and inquisitively looking for the best washing machine to buy for this monsoon? Then this guide is just for you.

Those days are gone when you relied on a big stone to wash away the dirt from your clothes. Today, in this busy world, no one has time to do such chores, which requires both physical strength and enough space to perform such a hectic traditional way of washing.

Machines today hold all the essential features that simplify the tedious process of cleaning clothes in which you only need to click on the button and relax. From semi-automatic to a full option, washing machines serve your cleaning needs in a better way with minimal damage to the fabric.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top washing machine models that are currently available in the market, both online and offline.

Top washing machine models

1. Samsung WT 80R4000RG | 8kg

The Samsung top load WT80R4000RG is a semi-automatic washing machine aimed at extended and nuclear families. It comes with a cloth loading capacity of 8kg, an ideal washing capacity to give a great start. So, this model tops our priority list.

This washing machine from Samsung is highly compact and demands less space to fit.

Built Quality
The Samsung WT 80R4000RG, a high-quality plastic constructed, makes this model less weight than other giants in the market. The rust-free and extremely durable body gives a tension-free washing. This model having non-corrosive and rust-proof properties helps reduce unwanted worries about your machine forming rust over time. All these design features will keep your washing machine looking good all the time.

BEE 5-star certified: The 5-star energy rating makes this model highly energy efficient. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) certifies its low power usage and reduced CO2 harmful emissions resulting in an environmentally safe machine.

Hexa storm Pulsator: The powerful but gentle operation ensures minimalized damage to the clothes. Cleaning with the multi-directional water flow creates a smooth wash with a scrubbing effect.

Magic Filter: The magic filter screens the fluff, lint, and other particles results after laundry. This filter protects the drainage from getting blocked and is very easy to empty.

Air Turbo Drying System: The high-speed spin cycle drains out more water. The dual air intake and enough air circulation in the drying system ensure enough water gets extracted from the washed clothes.

Auto-reset: The auto-reset feature resumes the washing process immediately after a power failure. This helps you re-operating the washing machine manually.

2. BOSCH WOE701DOIN | 7kg

Bosch is one of the leading machine brands in the market.

The Bosch WOE701DOIN is a fully automatic washing machine specially designed for a family of 4 to 5 members. This power wave effective stain removing feature with a respectable 7kg capacity makes this model an ideal option for a perfect wash in monsoon.

Build Quality
The Bosch WOE701DOIN, with the exceptional build quality, gives a premium look and feel. The inner drum, which is made of good quality stainless steel, ensures a complete safeguard to the fabrics. The overall finish of this Bosch model has no quality drop anywhere, and it delivers a high-performance dirt-free wash.


ExpertCare wash: The ExpertCare wash system delivers a smooth, clean washing experience. This system, purely inspired by the hand wash, removes dirt by keeping the clothes long-lasting.

Vario Drum: The droplet pattern of the inner drum gives a gentle rub to the clothes. This special design delivers the exact soft rubbing, just like a hand wash.

Asymmetric Paddle design: The design, which is soft on one side and rough on the other, focuses on giving the fabrics the perfect dirt-free washing.

Pumping tower & Magic filter: The pumping tower ensures enough water circulation and provides intermittent splashes for the right mixing of detergent for a deep clean wash. The magic filter, which can detach easily, collects the lint from the clothes.

EcoSilence Drive: A silent induction motor with a warranty of 10 years gives maximum power for best washing.
Volt check and child proof lock: These are two safety measures adopted by Bosch on this model. The Volt check stops the operation automatically when the voltage goes out of the safe working range. The child-proof lock protects the children from accidental hurt when the power is on.


The Bosch WLJ2016EIN is a fully automatic front-loading washing machine. The 6 kg capacity will perfectly serve the washing needs of bachelors and a family of about 3 to 4 members.

Build Quality
The design of this machine model is highly appealing, with a stylish front door showcasing a premium look. The construction is of high quality, with a stainless drum inside for safe washing. The large LED display screen shows the current program status, temperature, spin speed, and the time remaining.


Anti-Tangle: The Anti-Tangle minimizes the tangle by up to 50% during the laundry making it gentler and easier to iron.

Anti-bacteria program: This removes 99.9% of bacteria from the clothes and makes them safe to use.

Variosoft drum: The droplet-shaped structure with the added asymmetrical paddles gives deep clean washing on stains without disturbing the fabric.

Anti-Vibration Side Panels: These side panels bring down unnecessary vibrations to ensure a smooth, stable washing and spinning process.

Voltmonitor: This monitors and regulates voltage fluctuations and manages unstable electrical supply.

Child-lock: This ensures children’s safety during the machine’s operation.


IFB is an Indian company renowned for a wide range of machine products in the market.

IFB. DIVA AQUA is a fully automatic, 6kg front loading washing machine aimed at bachelors and nuclear families holding 2 to 3 members. This highly compact washing machine from IFB occupies even tight spaces to deliver an excellent washing experience.

Build Quality
The body made of high-quality fiber ensures durability, and the inner stainless-steel drum gives a delicate washing to the clothes. This makes this model perfect for washing all cloth types with utmost care. A 4-year machine warranty and a 10-year motor warranty promise a long-term commitment.


Aqua Energie: This in-built feature energies the water along with a filter treatment to dissolve detergent better for a soft wash.

Cradlewash System: This gives special care to all cloth types in just the way they deserve by a gentle wash.

Hot Rinse: This feature offers a final hot water wash to remove the residual detergent.

Crescent Moon Drum: This specially designed drum protects the fabric with a gentle wash cushion.

Laundry Add Option: This allows the users to pause the cycle for adding laundry in between and give a clean wash from the beginning.


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