The 5 Best Refrigerators for the Humid Weather of Kerala

Fresh and Chilled: Discover the 5 Best Refrigerators for Kerala’s Humid Weather Leave a comment

In this scorching heat, who wouldn’t love a glass of chilled juice or a scoop of ice cream?

Thinking about getting that new refrigerator for your fresh and chilled food experience? Do not worry, we have the answer for you. There is a huge collection of refrigerators at our Kannankandy store. Be it a single door, double door, or side-by-side door, you will find it all here.

If you wish to Buy a Fridge Online in Kerala, then again we are here for youwith our popular Kannankandy Estore. We deal in brands like BOSCH, Godrej, HAIER, Kelvinator, Samsung, Toshiba and Whirlpool. The 5 most popular ones are listed in this blog for your convenience.

Kelvinator 584 Liters Side by Side Refrigerator KRS-B600BKG

If you are looking for a king-size refrigerator then this is the best option for you. It is a huge fridge with a 584-litre capacity and a side-by-side door. It comes with a vacation energy mode to save power. Its super-fast cooling ability is simply astonishing. The glass shelves are toughened and the doors are fungus-free. It has LED-lit interiors and a twist ice tray. It features a Temperature control LED touch panel and is noise-free. Avail of this luxurious fridge at a heavy discount from our online store.  

2)  Whirlpool Refrigerator Frost Free 259L Intellifresh INV ELT DF305 Arctic Steel 2S-TL 21892

This model from Whirlpool has a separate fan base. It comes with a 259L capacity and has an Intellifresh feature. It has a 2-star rating and is a double door. Its intellisense Inverter compressor is a great power saver. It has a pocket handle and is non-convertible. It can retain up to 15 days of freshness with its freshflow air tower with flexi vents. It can get ice in 85 minutes. It has a touch UI inside the refrigerator for cooling control. Finally, it prevents bacterial growth by 99.9%. It has 10 years compressor warranty with it. That means you are secure for a lifetime with this model.

This feature-filled fridge could be purchased from our Estore at a huge discount

3) Bosch 269L 3 Star (2023) Frost Free Refrigerator CTC29BT31I

It is 269L, 3 stars marvel in blue colour. It has a smart digital display and is a convertible with XL capacity. It runs on 220 volts and has a 180-watt compressor. The defrost system is automatic and the door uses a galvanised steel material. The inverter compressor is energy efficient and can help you save a lot. It also has a humidity control system. With its adjustable shelves containers of different sizes could be stored easily. With all this, this is user user-friendly model and is in demand.  

To get your hands on one, visit us at Kannankandy Estore and avail great discounts.

4) Godrej Side By Side Refrigerator RS EONVELVET 579 RFD PL ST

The great news is, this model too comes with a year warranty for the product and 10 years for the compressor. It has a multi-airflow system, a removable twist ice maker, and bigger drawers. You can customize temperatures ranging from -24 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius. It has three modes AI, Holiday, and Super Freezer. The advanced controls are on the door and look cool too. with that extra bottle space, you can store a lot of water bottles in there. Inside you will find two separate drawers and a jumbo vegetable box. Inside lit are bright LED lights. It has a reciprocating compressor type.

This cool refrigerator could be yours, that too at a discounted price if you visit our online store.        

5) Samsung 653L Convertible 5in1 Side by Side Refrigerator (RS76CG8113SL)

This giant is another one on the popular list. It has a 653L capacity and is convertible 5 in 1 with side-by-side doors. It has Twin Cooling Plus mode and gets Precise cooling. With AI energy mode you could save up to 10% of your energy. Unlike others on the list, it comes with a 20-year compressor warranty. The ice maker is a manual twist type. The compressor is a digital inverter type. It comes with a 3-star energy rating. With twin cooling plus you have 5 different modes that you can enjoy with this fridge. At our Estore find it at an attractive price.  

 If you are planning to Buy a Refrigerator Online in Kerala, then you have our Kannankandy Estore where we have what you need. Our expert staff are willing to help you make an informed purchase. We deal in all kinds of home appliances and electronics that you can think of. We aim to build relationships with our customers through trust and transparency. We promise to provide you with genuine products.

We are the largest home appliances and electronics store in the Malabar region with 20 stores spread across Calicut, Wayanad, Kannur and Malappuram. It is our constant effort to win the hearts of our customers that led to our success and we will continue to do so.

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