TV Resolution: How to Choose the Right One for Your Needs

TV Resolution: How to Choose the Right One Leave a comment

This is for all the TV lovers. Be it your office or living room, ‘resolution’ is the most important feature you should be considering while buying a brand-new TV. Most of us are at sea when it comes to the technical side of what it is and how to interpret the resolution specifications of a TV.

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In this blog, let us try and understand briefly what resolution is, its types, and how it affects your viewing experience.


The number of horizontal and vertical pixels used to make up an image on your TV is termed as resolution of that TV. It is obvious that the higher the resolution, the better the detailing in the images you see, thus, giving you a better viewing experience.

The resolution of TVs starts from 480 pixels and goes to 8k. The variants with 1080 pixels and lower are referred to based on the number of vertical pixels, whereas, 4k and 8k are referred to based on the number of their horizontal pixels.

A 480-pixel TV has 480 vertical and 720 horizontal pixels. That means, it has a total of 345,600 pixels on the whole. It is known as the standard TV.

Similarly, a 720-pixel TV has 720 vertical and 1280 horizontal pixels. It is also called HD or HD Ready TV as it can support HD channels.

1080 Pixel TVs have 1080 vertical and 1920 horizontal pixels. This TV is known as Full HD TV or FHD. It can stream Blu-ray and game consoles.

Now 4k is the most popular of all TVs. The reference is made to the number of horizontal pixels it has. It has 3840 horizontal and 2160 vertical pixels. It is also known as Ultra HD or UHD TV. It has over 8 million pixels on the whole. The image clarity is of high grade and is very common these days. It can also support Blu-Ray and gaming consoles like PS5, and Xbox series X.

At the epitome of technology, stands 8k with 7680 pixels horizontally and 4320 pixels vertically bringing it close to 33 million pixels. It is sure to give you a larger-than-life experience. It is otherwise known as 8k UHD TVs. It is becoming fairly common these days. Most of the people prefer this resolution for gaming.

The 480p has become obsolete. 720p and 1080p are also becoming rare and are available on smaller-size TVs. The most common TV these days is 4k, as it is cheaper compared to 8k and does the job well. You can only make out the difference when sitting closer than 4 feet. Hence, only people who have a lot of money to spare or are into gaming go for 8k TVs.

The viewing experience also depends on the streaming quality of the content. For a 4k or 8k to work, the content should also be of that resolution. Thus the resolution of the TV does not always help.

Other than resolution, contrast, brightness, grey uniformity, and colour accuracy also affect picture clarity. If you want a TV for just viewing cable channels a 720p or 1080p is sufficient.

The conclusion to the whole technical details is that if you are viewing TV from a distance the resolution does not matter. But for a better experience, people prefer higher resolution and have to watch it from a closer distance to enjoy it. Even if you have a 4k TV, which is very common these days, you still watch content on 1080 or lower resolution, until it is a Blu-Ray or for gaming.

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