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With incredible advancements in technology every now and then, our lives have become much easier. Home appliances are one of the greatest inventions that help us amazingly in completing our domestic chores, eliminate unwanted stress and save our time and energy. These appliances not only make our tasks easier and faster, but also provide us with the opportunity to multitask.

It is good to have a number of appliances at home, as it would add to the advantages. However, it is wise to choose the appliances you need the most, and avoid wastage of money.

Here is a list of a few essential appliances that you should add in your home for sure:


You must own an oven if you love cooking. An oven serves several purposes like cooking, heating, grilling, and baking food. And all of this is done instantly with this sophisticated kitchen appliance.

Ovens are designed in different ways to make different kinds of dishes. There is a wide variety of ovens which differ in cooking method and price, ranging from conventional ovens to convection, microwave to microwave cum convection. An oven runs on either electricity or gas, and has a temperature regulator and a timer.


It can be said that a refrigerator is an appliance you need the most, out of all types of appliances. This is because, our time and energy for going to the grocery store daily to get fresh vegetables and meat is saved. Vegetables, fruits, and meat can be stocked up, a few days ahead in the refrigerator. In the freezer, meats and frozen foods can last for a week or month. So, grocery shopping can be curtailed to just once or twice a week.

You can prepare food in the morning, refrigerate it and have it for the rest of the day. If you are a lover of ice cream, then you must have a refrigerator, to keep it frozen and enjoy it whenever you like.

A refrigerator comes in different sizes and with different features. You can choose according to your budget and priorities.


Cooking doesn’t take much time if you have a blender at home. A blender blends any kind of ingredients with different textures and sizes. Spices can be blended in minutes, which are the necessity of any meal. Smoothies, sauces, dressings, soups, purees, and dips can be prepared instantly with a blender. Different kinds of nut butter can be made by blending the nuts well. An ice cream tastes soft when the bases are blended perfectly. Similarly, a cake becomes fluffy when the ingredients are mixed well with a blender.

A blender can be operated by anyone with ease and it also doesn’t cost much.

Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is needed if you stay at a very hot place and humid area, and fans and coolers do not provide you enough comfort. AC relaxes you by keeping your home cool for a long time. You are protected from humidity as AC keeps your home dry. Additionally, it filters dust and smoke. It saves your electricity bill too.

In order to stand the hot summers, you must install an air conditioner that will bring a cool breeze to your home.

While staying at a place with an air conditioner for a long time, try to consume a lot of water and protect your skin by rubbing lotion regularly.

Vacuum Cleaner

A clean and tidy home is everyone’s desire. Cleanliness is a must to keep germs away and protect you from various illnesses. But cleaning every nook and corner of your home is a tough task. Vacuum cleaners can prove to be a saviour as they remove all the dust and keep the corners clean. And the best thing is that it can function very easily. With a vacuum cleaner, cleaning the house will be a piece of cake.

A vacuum cleaner is supported with a suction motor which creates suction as well as vacuum pressure. As it removes dirt on the carpets and floor, the air in your room is also purified. Just maneuver the vacuum cleaner towards a place where the dust or dirt is found frequently.

Washing Machine

Washing machine is an appliance that needs to be a part of every home, as washing clothes is a tedious task. The washing cycle has to be set and the efficient machine will do the rest. Meanwhile, you can complete your other tasks.

If you have enough space in your laundry room, you can purchase a washing machine and dryer separately. Otherwise, you can buy washing machines that are already equipped with the dryer.


If you feel lazy or too tired to clean your utensils, a dishwasher is the ultimate solution. It will clean your utensils in a jiffy. It would be a one time investment as you don’t have to spend money on a monthly basis on a person who would get your utensils clean. The utensils can be kept in the dishwasher which would save extra space in your home. Another advantage is that the dish can be sanitized perfectly. If you extend the rinse cycle with hot water up to 150 degree Fahrenheit, germs can be eliminated totally.

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Owning these types of appliances can not only save your time and energy, but also the money to hire a housemaid. The monthly electric bill is not much if you compare with the money you would have to pay to a housemaid. You can buy high efficiency products and manage their frequency to save up the electricity bill.

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