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A mixer-grinder-juicer is one of the most significant and helpful kitchen appliances. It helps you save time in the kitchen. In minutes, you can grind masalas, mincemeat, or prepare a glass of fresh juice. However, with so many brands and options available, choose the appropriate mixer-grinder may be difficult. Consider these criteria before deciding which one is best for you.

Be aware of your usage.

Determine if you require a standard mixer-grinder or a stand mixer with more sophisticated features like as kneading and whipping. Traditional ones are better for regular cooking, whereas stand mixers are ideal for folks who bake a lot or are home cooks.

Mixers and grinders come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Stand mixers and conventional mixers are the two most prevalent types of mixer grinders. A stand mixer has adequate power to combine ingredients. Whipping cream and kneading bread are two common uses for these mixers. Stand mixers are mostly found in bakeries, food factories, and other food sectors, rather than in kitchens.

Be Jar-Aware.

Make sure the model you choose has at least 2-3 jars of various sizes to fit your needs. You could need one for finely grinding spices, another for creating chutneys, and a third (jug blender) for producing shakes and smoothies. Make sure the jars have a sturdy body (stainless steel works good), as well as leak-proof lids and handles.

Mixer-grinders are available in a range of forms and sizes.

 Check the measurements of the items you want to buy before you buy them to make sure you’ll have adequate counter space without crowding the space. If you’re going to store it in the overhead kitchen cabinet, make sure there’s enough area for you to effortlessly move it in and out with each usage.

Speed And Wattage

Mixer-grinders with 500- 750 watts are suitable enough for home kitchens. The RPM (rotations per minute) of your mixer-grinder determines how fast it operates. It’s basically how many times the blade turns each minute. A mixer-grinder with an RPM of 18,000-23,000 is suitable for Indian cooking. Choose one that allows you to adjust the speed.

Brand preferences and pricing

When it comes to household appliances, most of us are pretty selective about whatever brand we choose. There are a variety of mixer grinders available from various manufacturers. Every mixer grinder’s pricing is determined by the functions it offers as well as the brand. Some brands may charge a premium for features that are available on a lower-cost model. You must make a decision depending on the budget you’ve established.


The majority of mixer grinders and food processors are covered by a two-year guarantee. Most brands may not give warranties for equipment that have been mishandled, such as a mixer that has been damaged or fractured. The mixer grinder and food processors are only covered for manufacturing faults such as motors and blades throughout the warranty term.

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