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You may have heard about Kannankandy, the largest electronic and home appliance retail chain in Kerala. This one-stop shopping space covers a wide range of quality products from trusted brands. From the appliances that make your living space engaging and appealing to the small products that make your kitchen alive, Kannankandy has got you covered. 

If you are inquisitively looking for multiple appliances for your home, you will always pick the best product from the leading brand without overlooking the best-in-class deals, right? The Kannankandy online and offline stores help you purchase electronic appliances with the best deals and offers. The offer price at Kannankandy seems to fit in everyone’s pockets. North Kerala’s largest electronic and home appliance enterprise with its expert customer service ensures everyone a seamless shopping experience. 

Here, we’ll take a deeper look into the Kannankandy Estore, the all-in-one place to buy the best electronic appliances.

The top product categories you find in Kannankandy Estore

  • TV 
  • Smartphone 
  • Laptop 
  • Electric kettle 
  • Kitchen Appliances 
  • Refrigerator and freezer 
  • Mixer grinder 
  • Water purifier 
  • Home appliances 

What makes Kannankandy Estore unique?

The plethora of electronic appliances from leading, trusted brands make Kannankandy stay unique. Kannankandy never fails to update its online and offline store from time to time with the latest electronic appliances that you eagerly wait for. Also, Kannankandy provides significant savings across appliances. These are just a few among a broad spectrum of our unique characteristics. Now, let’s see some of the key aspects of Kannankandy.

  • We have a group of appliance experts

Whatever ‌your requirements, the group of appliance experts with decades of experience will guide you to pick the best electronic appliance that perfectly fits your needs. As there are multiple brands of different types and features, only expert-level guidance will help you stay on the right track in choosing the perfect appliances. Our experienced and friendly team will always be there to guide you in offline stores.

When it comes to Kannankandy Estore, the user-friendly website will help you navigate quickly through the available appliance category. The well-structured appliance category assures you will find the product hassle-free without any external assistance. Also, for each product on the website, ‌basic and advanced product details, offer price, specifications, etc, are provided. So, it will help you get the best product that fits in your pocket.

  • Excellent and trusted customer service

Whether before ‌or after sales, customers are our top priority. For the Kannankandy group, customer care and technical support are highly important. At Kannakandy, they always ensure that the customers are treated well, and each and everyone who steps into the showroom or online store is guaranteed the best shopping experience from start to finish. In the case of online shopping, from choosing your exact appliance and delivering the product to your doorsteps, we invest utmost care and attention to giving you smooth and hassle-free shopping. Also, the after-sales service from our talented technical staff will make you go anywhere else when you need to restore the functionality of your product. Plus, the 24/7 customer service ensures that all your queries are solved on time without any delay. 

  • We’ve got great prices and better deals

We always aim for customer satisfaction by all means. So, we aim to give you the best shopping experience by assuring you of the outstanding possible service along with great deals and offers. We do not wait for any festive season to impress our customers. Each and every day, we come up with new deals and offers that make you find the exact same product model at a better price. The competitive pricing and discounts that are hard to see elsewhere will let you know how well Kannankandy helps you pick the best model from the top brand at an affordable price range. 

  • Quick and safe delivery

Kannankandy Estore ships products all over Kerala. The quick delivery service ship and deliver products with the help of a fantastic delivery team on hand. The delivery team at Kannankandy is ready to deliver your products safely and ensures first-class delivery. The team always makes sure that the delivery runs smoothly as possible. 


Now that you know in-depth why Kannankandy is tagged to be the all-in-one place to buy the best electronic appliances from all leading brands. The wide range of electronic appliances, quality service, customer satisfaction assurance, easy online shopping experience, competitive pricing and discounts, expert technical support, after-sale service, etc…, make Kannankandy the No.1 home appliances Kerala. Even if you are looking for the best appliances for your kitchen, have a look at the kitchen appliances online in Kerala by visiting Kannankandy Estore. Visiting online and offline Kannankandy store guarantees that you will definitely find the exact appliances at the best price and with great satisfaction. 

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