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Today, we live in a busy world. Our day-to-day life is bounded by busy hours, minutes, and seconds. Within tight schedules, we all look for some hacks and tricks that make our tasks much easier. One such task is ironing. It’s a fact that ironing consumes minutes and is not an entertaining thing to do. If you have it in bulk for ironing, then it seems tedious for sure. So, indeed you have thought of some brilliant ironing hacks that really work. The good news is that the wait is all over. Here, you will come across some ironing hacks that are hard to find elsewhere. Know about these hacks that surely help you save valuable time and effort. 

So, here we go!

Top ironing hacks that help you save time 

  • Try using a dryer instead of an ironing box 

If you are not having that bulk of clothes to iron, you can definitely give a try on a dryer other than an iron box. This will help you save a lot of time and it demands less effort. All you need is to spray some water over the clothes and put them in the dryer. You can spray the water using a spray bottle. Let the drier spin for a few seconds, which helps the clothes get enough heat. The heat produced by the dryer will result in steaming up the water on the clothes. This will finally help in soothing the wrinkles.

  • Choose clothes wisely 

Always pick the clothes that really need ironing. Know that not all cloth types require ironing. There are clothes that have fewer wrinkles. You can make them rest in your wardrobe. If you love ironing and have time to invest in it, you can go for ironing all types of clothes. But on the other hand, if you have little to no time to iron, then all you can do is reduce the amount of ironing by choosing the clothes wisely.

  • Invest in a quality ironing machine 

A quality ironing machine can ease your work for sure. An ironing machine from a leading brand with more functions can help you get the ironing done quickly. The technical part is that the machine that produces more steam will deliver quick results by clearing out ‌wrinkles faster. 

If you want to know what to look for in an iron box, consider the key features such as rapid heat-up, a non-stick sole plate, and a consistent steam function. A decent iron box with all these features is available at an affordable price range in the market.

  • Iron by sorting based on fabric types 

You know that the ironing machine starts by emitting a low temperature and gradually, over time, its heating power gets raised. So, other than adjusting the temperature of your ironing machine from time to time, which is time-consuming, you can try ironing delicate clothes first that need less heat. When the ironing machine gets hot, you can start ironing fabrics like linen, cotton, etc.

  • Make ironing entertaining 

You can make your ironing time more entertaining. To refresh yourself and forget about the stress you feel while ironing, you can try listening to your favorite track. This will help you pass the time while you iron and makes ironing entertaining.

  • Give a quick hanging to your clothes 

Hanging your clothes right after they’ve dried helps the clothes stay less wrinkled. Drying after laundry makes clothes dry quickly. But keeping them for long after getting dried will cause wrinkles to form, which makes ironing a little bit harder. So, what you need is to hang the clothes as soon as possible to percent forming creases.

  • Use aluminum foil to save time 

To cut short your ironing time in half, you must try using aluminum foil. You can try keeping the shining side of the foil upside, under the ironing board cover. It will help to clear out wrinkles easily by retaining warmth. You can rest assured that the ironing task is done a lot easier and quicker. It supports ironing by smoothing the wrinkles on both sides of the cloth.

  • Select a wash with zero creasing 

Washing machines with smooth washing cycles, and the Crease Care option helps to prevent creasing. These smart machines guarantee a gentle spin that safeguards clothes from getting creased. 


The above-discussed ironing hacks will give you an all-new experience in ironing. As aforementioned, there are a wide variety of ironing and washing machines available that come with diverse features that help reduce your time and effort to 90 percent. So, if you are interested in getting these efficient electronic devices, take a look at Kannankandy, the best home appliance dealer in Kerala. Also, Kannankandy is the No.1 online home appliance store in Kerala, providing the best deals and exciting offers. Don’t think twice. Visit Kannankandy today and grab the best deals!

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