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A handheld vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning fun and hassle-free. Buying an innovative Vaccum cleaner in an Online Retail Store in Kerala adds hygiene to your home. When you have a vacuum cleaner, you should know it will stop working sometimes. problems are low suction force, burning smell, and the vacuum cleaner won’t turn at all are the most common vacuum cleaner. These troubles can easily be solved by either cleaning the vacuum or repairing some parts of the vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, look for a professional to fix the vacuum cleaner.

Loss of suction

Enough suction needs to remove all the dirt from pillows, sheets, mattresses, and even children’s toys. It is very easy to clean your home with this smart device. A general problem of low suction or loss of suction is a clogged air filter. It has to be

otherwise, the exhaust filter could be blocked.  

Here are some tips to help you out: Unscrew the vacuum cleaner to see the filter. Remove the filter from the vacuum and dip the filter in mild detergent water and wash it thoroughly then rinse well. Leave the filter to dry completely (A damp filter cannot operate effectively). If you check this is damaged and not working properly then replace a new one. Also, recheck if the vacuum hose is blocked or filled by dust. By recovering this dismantling the head and body of the vacuum cleaner and shaking it shows if anything falls out. The second trick to resolve this issue is just lighting up through the pipe if it is not passed or stuck between the pipe then clean the hose and fix it. If your vacuum cleaner isn’t picking up properly or the suction is weak, there’s a good chance a blockage could be to blame. There are multiple areas to check for blockage. If it did not work, it is problem due to the indication with the dust cup assembly. Check if it’s tightly fixed because for the required suction force to be generated, its need for the dust cup to fit tightly. If it does not help you must replace a new dust cup. Finally, check the vacuum bag storage full or not. If it is full then free the bag and attach it manually. 

Burning smell

Sometimes you feel a burning smell while cleaning, there are various causes for it. It might be a problem of working overtime and overheating so rest off and cool down the machine few minutes. After cooling down the temperature will be normalized flow then you can work with it. Another thing is the vacuum cleaner cable, plug, and wall socket for signs of heat. If you feel like smoking, take the vacuum straight outside as a precaution. The multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is ideal for wet and dry vacuuming without needing a filter replacement. Fortunately, your vacuum needs to install a new vacuum belt to solve the burning smell, as the belts of the vacuum can’t be repaired. Just a reminder to keep the filter bag of your vacuum cleaner clean when it’s 75%-85% full, as the clogged bag can cause overheating & motor shut down, damaging appliances. That’s right, changing your vacuum cleaner bag regularly, for example, can save your machine from becoming inefficient and/or going to a landfill! Simple tips to ignore the bad smell add a tablespoon of baking soda to the bag, before working with the vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner won’t turn at all

Check the vacuum cleaner is plugged into an active power connection and that fuses and breakers don’t need resetting. To fix a vacuum cleaner that won’t switch on, first clean out the bag, and filters, and check for blockages. Strive the vacuum with various plug sockets and ensure the plug and power cable are genuinely working in their condition.

If your vacuum cleaner has starting trouble, Inspect if it is properly connected to the switchboard. If it is perfect but not started then must check the PCB (Printed Circuited Board). You should replace the PCB and look over the connections of the vacuum cleaner. Another problem with the vacuum cleaner switching on but not working is that the motor has to be malfunctioned and make a short circuit in the vacuum. So slowly remove the motor from it and examine motor shaft is rotating in the direction. If it’s not you seek an expert to cure this issue. This is yet another dirt collection bag or canister that is full of storage. To avoid this free up the dust in the bag or replace a new one.

Fix faults in your vacuum cleaner from a Home Appliance Dealer in Kerala -Kannankandy estore and prevent your appliances from going to landfill, or stock up on replacement bags and filters and make the most out of your credit.

Make sure you follow the above tricks the next time if fail to make an issue and there is no query that you will experience positive results.

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