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Are you the one who is residing in Kerala and inquisitively looking for the best washing machine to buy for this monsoon?

The days of washing your clothes with a large stone to remove dirt are long gone. Today, in this busy world, no one has time to do such chores, which require both physical strength and enough space to perform such a hectic traditional way of washing.

Machines today hold all the essential features that simplify the tedious process of cleaning clothes, in which you only need to click on a button and relax. From semi-automatic to Fully Automatic, washing machines serve your cleaning needs in a better way with minimal damage to the fabric.

The top front-loading washing machine models


Bosch is one of the top machine manufacturer brands in the market.

The Bosch WAJ2416EIN is a fully automatic washing machine specially designed for a family of 4 to 5 members. The power wave’s effective stain-removing feature combined with a respectable 7 kg capacity makes this model an ideal option for a perfect wash in the monsoon. The model, with its exceptional build quality, gives a premium look and feel. The inner drum, which is made of good quality stainless steel, ensures a complete safeguard for the fabrics. This Bosch model has a high-performance, dirt-free wash and an overall finish that has no quality dips.


  • The anti-tangle feature reduces tangles in the laundry by up to 50%, making it kinder to fabric and simpler to iron.
  • Designed with the Antibacterial wash programme which ensures 99.99% of bacteria reduction on your laundry at each wash
  •  EcoSilence Drive friction-free motor that minimizes heat and wear for long-lasting performance, quiet operation, and perfect wash results.
  • SpeedPerfect feature delivers flawless cleaning in 65% less time.
  • The innovative wave-droplet design of the VarioDrum offers a thorough yet delicate clean for fine textiles.


The best combination of wash quality, energy, and water efficiency is found in IFB front-loading, fully automated washers. This model, which has a 6 kg capacity, is perfect for busy couples and bachelors.


  • Aqua Energie: This integrated device energizes the water. The filter treatment improves detergent dissolution for softer washing of clothes.
  • Features include Electronic Control, Hot, Cold, and Warm Temperature Control, Programme Status Indication, Rapid Wash, Anti-crease washing, and Auto Restart.
  • Cradle Wash System: Give your delicates, such as silks, lace, satins, and chiffons, the tender yet effective care they require.
  • The Aqua Energie 2DWash System with Ball Valve Technology gives your laundry a quick, extra-clean wash.
  • Crescent Moon Drum with Automatic Vibration Control.
  •  Safety features include child lock, protective rat mesh, and high-low voltage protection. This allows you to add more laundry at the start of the wash cycle, open the door, and pause the cycle.
  • Laundry Add Option: This feature enables you to pause the wash cycle, open the door, and add laundry at the start of the cycle. Self-diagnosing programme memory backup.

3. LG FHV1265ZFW 6.5KG

Get the smart LG 6.5 kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine online for your home. It’s designed to give you an excellent, hassle-free washing experience while keeping your clothes soft and spotless.


  • A fabric’s lifespan is matched by its protection. To provide the best washing cycle, AIDD technology uses big data from 20,000 pieces of washer usage data and applies settings based on the volume and delicateness of the clothing in each load of laundry.
  • By determining the weight and fabric characteristics of each load, AIDD enables modern washers to offer thorough yet gentle cleaning, resulting in quicker and better washing results.
  • The wash drum is pushed in various directions by LG’s 6 Motion Direct Drive technology with 14 wash programs, which makes sure that fabrics are well-cared for as clothing is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Preventing creases is made easier with the drum’s alternate rotation in laundry.
  • On specific cycles, the built-in heater automatically raises the temperature of the water to the ideal level.
  • An intelligent washing system measures the load size and water temperature before choosing the best water level and washing cycle to reduce water and energy usage.
  • If children press any button while it is operating, the child lock stops them from changing the settings.
  • Without using a belt and pulley, the sophisticated business DC motor drives the drum directly.


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